Coffee Profit

(Reported in USD/ha of coffee productive area.)


Poverty Level


Forest and Ecosystem Protection

Land area (in ha) and proportion of the farm that was converted from natural land (e.g., forest, savanna) to land used for coffee production in the last 5 years. % of forest and ecosystem protection practices used on the farm”


Yield / Productivity

kgs of GBE (harvested)/ha of coffee productive area



Daily average earnings for farm labor compared to (rural) minimum wage


Fertilizer use

Whether a professional assessment or advice was used to determine fertilizer needs on the farm


Cost of Production

Costs incurred to produce the coffee during the last production year (calculated per kg of GBE)


Child labour

% of school-age household members, under age 18, who have completed appropriate grade level for their age Option: Prohibition of children in hazardous working conditions


Water Conservation & Contamination Prevention

% of applicable water conservation practices used on the farm (of those listed) % of water contamination prevention practices used on the farm (of those listed)”


Price – Chain efficiency & returns distribution

Average Price received per kg of coffee (GBE)



Whether the household was food secure during the last production year (report 0 days of food insecurity–i.e., not skipping meals or significantly reducing food intake because food was not available)


Pest control/ hazards

% of IPM practices employed on the farm Use of banned or hazardous pesticides on the farm


Sustainable purchases

Volume of sustainable purchases by buyer and as a proportion of total, and change year to year.


Labor Practices

% of good labor practices adopted (of those listed)


Soil Conservation

% of applicable soil conservation practices used on the farm (of those listed)